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New Blog Updates for 2020

Hello, Poptropicans! Yeah, as I told you in the last post, I was planning blog updates. If you explore the blog, you can see some changes. Here they are:

  • New Header ~ Made by Slanted Fish (thanks, Fishy!)
  • Comments Criteria page ~ To prevent unnecessary comments.
  • New Site Security included in the Sidebar ~ To protect the site from plagiarism and spam comments.
  • More fun posts to come ~ That means more Pop-5 posts, PopTheory posts, and maybe a Costumes post, etc. Tell us what kind of posts you would like to see in the comments section below.

Hope you like these updates, and see you all soon!

~ Quick Fang

Blog Updates

The (late) 1-year anniversary of this blog!

I know what you all are thinking right now. Sure, I’m thinking about all of this, and as you all probably know, our blog anniversary was on 6th March 2020.

I was busy with school, and I totally ignored this blog for that. Today, as I was reading Shiny Bird’s Poptropica Blog, he wrote about his 1-month blog anniversary in his latest post, which in turn led me to think about my blog. โ€œOh, no! I missed the 1st year anniversary of my blog…โ€

So, yeah. I’m currently mad at myself for forgetting that. But, on a much happier note, it’s actually hard to believe that it’s been one year since I started. I remember gazing at all the lovely blogs (most of which had perished), and vowing to create one. Well, here I am!

So, to celebrate that, I’m planning some blog updates. I’m not too sure, but probably.

So, stay tuned guys, and don’t forget to comment what you’d like to see in the blog during this year. Stay tuned for the next post on the Poptropica Fun Blog, and this is Quick Fang signing off!

~ Quick Fang ๐Ÿฆ

Blog Updates

We reached 2.5 hits!

Hey everyone! This is Quick Fang at the Poptropica Fun Blog posting some blog news. Everything makes sense by reading just the title, so why write all this?

Well, we have hit 2.5 hits for some time now. Now, we are on our way to 3,000 hits. Yeah, now we can actually hit hits. Anyways, thanks to everyone who has been supporting my blog. It really means a lot to me.

That’s probably it for today, and I’ll see you all later!

~ Quick Fang

Poptropica Memes

Creating Poptropica Memes for Community Creations!

This title is very self-explaining. As I had mentioned in the last post, I was going to create memes. And they’re kinda done now!

I, having joined this community only a year before, am not that familiar with memes. But everyone else were doing it, and it was the theme for Community Creations, so why not?

I looked up some Poptropica memes on the Internet, and I created some. A meme is a picture with humorous text, I guess.

So I created some memes about the problems we all face while playing the game Poptropica. Here we go, introducing… Poptropica Problems in Poptropica!

So that’s it, everyone. Hope you enjoyed them, and I have just started creating them so I know they aren’t the best, but I still hope you enjoyed them. These are problems I have dealt with at some point of life. Comment down your opinions and suggestions, and I’ll see you all later!

~ Quick Fang

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Lightning Wielder zaps into Poptropica

Hello, Poptropicans of Poptropica! Even though it’s really late because I’ve been busy, today I’ll be checking out what’s new popping in Poptropica.

You might have recalled that the results of the Poptropica Costume Contest had been announced. Now, the Grand Prize winner (Lightning Wielder by @bianca_donka) has been released in the Poptropica Store!

(Credit: Poptropica Creatorsโ€™ Blog)

You can get this costume for freel in the Poptropica Store, and I really like how the Creators stayed true to the original design, as you can see in the pic above. Even though the original creator of the costume had included a bunch of special features for the costume, they were not implemented in the in-game costume. Still, I like the lightning hand and the electrifying effects that come with it.

Also, what’s noticeable in the costume is, it’s more of an effect than an actual costume.

My reason for saying this is, we can’t actually customize parts of the costume. The game actually applies the costume over our outfit, and our skin and hair tones are changed, I think. So yeah, stay careful, Poptropicans.

There are also a bunch of Valentine’s Day items in the Poptropica Store. Check them out below:

So that’s it for the Store update! This month’s Valentine Store update is really cool! I really like the Bouquet of Roses and the Box of Chocolates. The Cupid Bow & Arrow, Valentine Shades and the Crushing Power cards were available last year for free, I think.

As always, remember to comment down your opinions and thoughts in the comments section. Stay tuned!

~ Quick Fang

Note: I’m creating memes for this monthโ€™s PHB Community Creations! I’ll post them in the next post if I can. Better get creating!

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Results of โ€œVote for the Best Poptropica Islandโ€!

Me: Hey everyone, welcome back to another post on the Poptropica Fun Blog. And now, I’m going to announce the results of the-

Blog Reader: You said you’d post the results in the beginning of January. And now, itโ€™s already the past the beginning of February!

Guys, I am so sorry! I was going to post the results of the post on time. But I kind of… forgot. And I feel terrible now. So, without delay, here are the results:

Format: Name of the Island – Number of Votes

Monster Carnival Island – 2

Astro-Knights Island – 1

Survival Island – 1

Super Villain Island – 1

So, the winner is… Monster Carnival Island! Tied for second place are Astro-Knights Island, Survival Island and Super Villain Island!

So that’s it everyone! Even though there was not a lot of votes, I hope you enjoyed it, and I’ll see you soon!

~ Quick Fang

Note: Thanks for following this blog! We now have 21 people following this blog!

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Results of the Poptropica Costume Contest has been announced! ๐Ÿ†๐Ÿ“ฃ

Hey everyone! As you may recall, Poptropica had held a costume contest a little while back. And now, the results of the contest has been announced!

Whether you took part or not, I’m pretty sure everyone’s dying to know the results. The Creators got a lot of entries, and it was really exciting for them to see all of your creative ideas!

Even if your drawing didn’t make it onto the list, or if it didn’t place as high as you hoped, don’t feel bad. It has certainly made a mark on the Creators, and there will be more opportunities, so don’t worry.

Now, onto the winners! Taking home the grand prize of a 6-month Poptropica membership, and whose costume will be implemented into the in-game store, with an NPC (Non-Player Character) wearing it on Home Island, is @bianca_donka on Instagram!

Bianca’s costume, the โ€˜Lightning Wielderโ€™, was chosen for its snappy gesture, sharp silhouette, and strong stylistic integrity to the Poptropica aesthetic, according to the Creators.

Zeus might be happy that this costume won, because of the costume’s lightning powers. She also sent this to go along with her entry:

Super cool! It’s really amazing to hear that she got this idea from a Poptropican fan comic she was writing last year. I really like how she included a lightning arm in her costume, and she even got eyebrows and moustaches to go with it. I’m really glad to hear that she won. Poptropica styles are sure changing…

Next, we have the three runners-up who’ll receive 1-month of free Poptropica membership. Or is it runner-ups? Never mind, here we go, these are not in any particular order:

First, we have โ€˜Sunflower Cordialโ€™ by @otheraccidk. The Poptropica art director really seems to love this one for it’s 70’s-style look.

These costumes are really simple and they do have a unique flair and a great color combination! I really like this one because, first off, it’s really neat and appealing. Like, it actually looks like a real Poptropica costume, already in the game!

Second, I really like the costume, and it would have been really cool get the earrings and the hair. A job well done, @otheraccidk!

The next runner-up is โ€˜Porcelain Chickenโ€™ by @bylophim AKA Noisy Ghost! The Creators loved this one for its little chick followers. Just take a look below!

I really love the design and the concept, and is that an egg they’re holding in their hand? I’d really like to have that hat, it looks cool! It certainly is cute, and really neat as well! And especially that little chick looking down. Soo cute! Well done, Noisy Ghost!

And at last but not least, we have RadioactivePup with โ€˜Sharp Beatzโ€™. It has that cool look to it, with that visor. Those headphones are really cool as well!

That’s just shocking! Heh heh ^_^. I really love those gloves. They look like… claws? Anyways, I love that visor and headphones. The whole costume is very stylish and electrifying too! Well done, RadioactivePup!

Next, we have the ten honorable mentions. All of your works were super cool as well. Just take a look:

โ€˜Peacock Girl and Peacock Boyโ€™

โ€˜Busy Bee Outfitโ€™ by @criahacesium

โ€˜Waterfall Princess/Princeโ€™ by Trusty Paw

โ€˜Pinkalicious Mermaidโ€™ by Shiny Flyer

โ€˜Winged Spiritโ€™ by Maroon Ring

By Big Rider

By Calm Melon

By Speedy Lizard

โ€˜Masquerade Galaโ€™, โ€˜Pixie Spriteโ€™, โ€˜Pop! Comic Crazeโ€™ by Lucky Joker

By @antaurus.ix

Great entries everyone! You all did very well. And congrats to everyone who took part. Too bad I didn’t make it, but it sure was fun to check out the winning entries. Share your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below. Bye, everyone!

~ Quick Fang ๐ŸŒผ