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This pic on the billboard in Home Island is so funny! XD


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Introducing….. Clubhouse of the Week!

Hey POPping Pop fans! You all remember Look of the Week on the Creators’ Blog? Remember how they told us about how they’re planning something different for the Fridays that don’t feature a Look of the Week? Yup, Clubhouse of the Week is coming right up!

Source: Creators’ Blog

Here, you can show off your clubhouse, so be sure to deck it out with all the cool stuff from the store. The Poptropican’s clubhouse that gets chosen by the Creators gets a shoutout, and screenshot of the clubhouse featured on the Creators’ Blog and on social media. Pretty cool, isn’t it?

What’s more? The pets store has been updated! Wow, they are giving thoughts into our pets. Here, you can see Blue Tooth’s bunny Dorf, and his friend Pepper the kitten wearing some of the brand new items in the Pets Store.

Dorf and best friend Pepper wearing some of the new items available in the Pets Store

And now, let’s get on with the updates.


  • Pink Afro (members-only)


  • Grey Beard
  • Round Glasses


  • Blue Bow


  • Big Brown Eyes (members-only)

I’m sure our pets will love those items. If we can afford it, though. I’m sure we can. I’d love a Pet of the Week, along with the costume and clubhouse one.

What’s even more? The Photo Booth’s baacck on Home Island! Take and make pics, and be sure to share them around!

Hope you enjoyed these updates. Which update did you like most? Share your opinions in the comments below. And as for now, I’ll see you all later!

-Quick Fang


Droppin’ next to 1K!

The title says it all – we have just got 900 hits. And it’s not that far from 1K: it’s just a hundred hits away.

Again, the 1K hits milestone could be hit and smashed anytime, so keep an eye out on the hits counter.

By the way, I didn’t post this yesterday as I was busy filming some videos on Worlds. Yup, you got it right. About two years into the future, hopefully, I’m gonna start our brand new YouTube channel. So keep your eyes on that one, everybody.

Thanks for popping by, and stay POPping on!

~ Quick Fang

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Gather your great sense of fashion, for a chance to get featured on the Creators’ Blog!

Hey everyone! Finally, this is the chance to show everyone who the real fashion star is. Ever since Blue Tooth joined the Poptropica team, things have been changing for the better. Now, this is a great addition to the Creators’ Blog.

Source: Creators’ Blog

This is basically a Look of the Week contest where every other week, on Fridays, the Creators will take a look at who’s hanging out in the common rooms, and then they’ll pick out a Poptropican who really rocks their look. And that lucky Poptropican gets totally original, totally exclusive artwork ( by Blue Tooth, I guess ) of their look featured on the Creators’ Blog, and on Twitter and Instagram. I’d might want to update my suits if I want to be featured. Check out the post on the Creators’ Blog right here!

As you read above, the Creators have typed in ” every other week “. The additional good news is, along with this weekly fashion dressing contest, we’ll have something different for the Fridays that don’t feature a look of the week.

Why just every other week, you ask? We have something different planned for the Fridays that don’t feature a look of the week! Stay tuned and find out 😉 – Creators’ Blog

I think this is just to make sure the active participation of players in the community. However, this is just awesome! Be sure to deck out in good outfits, and remember to stay POPping on!

~ Quick Fang


Why all islands should be made SUI

Yo! It’s ya girl RT here with a “Why all of the islands should be made SUI.” HERE WE GO MARIO!!!

1. For me, SUIs are less glitchy and laggy than Old School islands.

2. Poptropica’s soundtrack is amazing and I would love to see more work from Jeff Heim.

3. The bigger screen makes it easier to play the island because you can see it better. (Well, at least for me because I’m nearsighted and I need new glasses soon).

4. SUIs have fun little sound effects that give the islands a little more depth.

5. As technology advances, people might not find Old School islands that interesting anymore.

So those are my 5 reasons why every island should be an SUI. Pop on! -RT


PopTheory: the mystery of the ‘mysterious little house’ has been revealed!

Hey everyone! It’s Quick Fang with a PopTheory post. Since the newly-designed Home Island, there have been some questions regarding a ‘mysterious little house‘ located next to the Blast-Off Arcade and below the portal to Realms.

In a PHB post by Gentle Dolphin, she discussed about the house, mentioning that she was not clear what it was for. This sparked my curiosity, and I thought it over, finally realizing that the house may belong to none other than the Poptropica Creators themselves.

That would explain the glowing light-bulb on top: it just means that they are cooking up more future updates on Poptropica.

I wonder if we’ll be able to visit the Creators’ Poptropicans in the house. It would be great if we received sneak peeks and news on future updates there. However, as this is just a theory of mine; I’m not really sure that will ever happen. I’d really be happy if the Creators did come out with the mentioned update.

Thanks for reading my small theory, and have a good day ahead!

~ Quick Fang

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A spring-y store update!

Y’all remember the new store? Well, new updates have arrived! Now, we all have some really cute updates rising up here. Let’s just hope it’ll be good:

What do you think about that artwork? This was originally posted on the Creators’ Blog. We can assume that Blue Tooth, the new blogger on the Creators’ Blog, created the artwork. This does match her style of illustrating Poptropicans, which is awesome.

Now, let’s take a look at the Store updates:





  • Good Bunny
  • Spring Fling
  • Unicorn Girl ( members-only )
  • Shady Pockets
  • Cool Green
  • Cheesy Slice ( members-only )


Screenshot (195)

  • Chick Follower


Screenshot (196)

  • Egg Launcher ( members-only )


Screenshot (197)

  • Bunny Wand

There’s a new ad stationed for The LEGO Movie 2. To win, you’ll have to avoid obstacles ( play as Lucy or Emmet ). You’ll be driving an automobile while being chased by an alien. After you make it to the end, you’ll win a Planty Follower and an Angry Unikitty Follower.

What do you think of the new store update? D’you like the LEGO ad? Be sure to sound off in the comments. And as for now, I’ll see y’all later!

~ Quick Fang