A new pop-tastic update for pets and their owners!

The headings just express the feeling. Yes! Clothes Accessories are finally available for pets! Two whole updates ready to blog about. We’ll get to the other one soon.

Although most of them are for members, the Zomberry Eyes were my favourite. It really does add that ‘scary’ feeling to your pet. Don’t think anyone would like having a pet with zomberish eyes! But it’s scary enough for my cat kitten. I’m a fan of horror stories, so that just suits my pet well.

Let’s end all this and get on with the update(s). There are four categories, namely head, face, body and eyes. You can access the Pet Store by going into the Pet Barn and clicking the Store icon on the bottom-left corner.

Check it out below!

How is the stock? Pretty cool, right? Now, Poptropica does have another surprise for their owners too. Check out the new Store! The Creators have updated the format so that Poptropica lasts past the end of Flash in 2020. For our very own Poptropicans! The categories – costumes, followers, powers, pranks, and miscellaneous.

Wow, those are a lot of items. I’ll miss the old Store design, but still, it’s all for a new change. The members-only items still cost, though.

Just one more thing, before I end this post. You must have noticed that this blog has gone over 100 hits in just almost two weeks. Thanks for your support – it means a lot to me. May the fire of your support keep burning – and as always, keep POPping on!

~ Quick Fang


Looking into hiring new authors. 😉

Yes, as this headline says it all, I am looking into hiring new authors. It’s been hard writing for two blogs, this blog and Magic Heart’s Poptropica Blog. So I would like to invite an author to help me with the work on this blog.

As I am currently writing the island guides, authors would get to help me more with the content than others in the community.

But still, anyone is welcome to help me by providing specific pics of any steps or just some interesting trivia or anything else related to the island. Yeah, there will be future authorship opportunities too. So, be sure to keep the spirit going!


Just post in the comments below mentioning that you are applying for authorship. Also, be sure to include your WordPress username. This is used to invite you to become an author if you are selected.

Be sure to include a short note ( not that short ) on why you want to be an author on this blog and stuff like that ( like real-life applications ). Here are some ideas on which you can write.

  • Your blogging experience or career ( if any ).
  • On why you want to be an author on this blog.
  • Are you active in the community?
  • More about your Poptropican.

I will select the lucky author by judging the way he/she has written the application. If I do like it, I will post his/her application note on the blog. And sure enough, the lucky Poptropican will receive the title of ‘ First Invited Author on the QFPB ‘.

I will be starting a new series consisting of the winning applications called Author-Stories. I don’t know if people actually will read this, but it’s worth a shot. So, get posting! The last day for submission is March 20, 2019.

I would like to mention one more thing : if anyone could suggest a better name for this blog or create some heading graphics, they’re welcome.

And as always, keep POPping on!

– Quick Fang 🐦


A new un-Flash Player update!

It’s an un-Flashy update! If you turn Flash Player off in your browser settings, you’ll notice that instead of the old boring blue screen showing nothing but a couple of sentences, a newer screen will show. It’s much better than the old one.

Check it out below!

Here, you can see Shark Boy on his computer, with his pet chameleon sitting on his inventory, and Poptropicans who look like a girl in a pirate costume, a Poptropican looking like Sherlock Holmes and a Poptropican looking through a telescope in a blimp ( possibly Amelia Earhart, who can be found on Home Island or a normal player like you and me ).

D’you like it? Share your opinions in the comments below – and as always, keep POPping on!

~ Quick Fang 🐦


Hey, fellow Poptropicans!

So, this may be the first post in the history of the QFPB, also known as Quick Fang’s Poptropica Blog, which I have just started. As you’re reading this, I want to give a shout-out to the Poptropica Help Blog for getting me to start this.

I had started a blog on Poptropica many times before, and before long, I ended up deleting those. So I am fixing this blog in place, and I definitely don’t want to delete this.

Active and kind Poptropicans will be invited to help me run this blog. So try to be active mostly in the comments where I will be keeping an eye out for new authors.

Yes, new posts will be released soon, so keep POPping on!

* Do you like my drawing? Check out my guest posts in the PHB.

– Quick Fang 🐦