Hey guys…

If you think this is a goodbye post, you’re completely wrong

Well, I just turned 13 years old a few weeks back.

Random viewer: So? Are you getting more responsible with your posts or what?

Well, it means I can finally have my very own YouTube channel. Here’s the awesome link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSiiAOT3hXvX2azWbnzKJFw. Still haven’t uploaded any videos on it. I’ll make Roblox and Poptropica videos I guess. At least when we get out of this coronavirus mess.

Random viewer: Are you gonna ditch this blog forever after that?

Nope. I’ll still post. Not very often though. A blog with 30 current followers is a pretty noice achievement. I still can’t believe we’ve been getting a few views a day when I didn’t post. And I’m changing my online name to Kat. Cuz why not?

Random viewer: Nice to meet you Kit Kat.

Why does everyone call me that tho. I’m not chocolate.

Hope y’all are okay. And stay safe. Cya!

~ Kat

Translating the PFB!

Hello, Poptropi-folks! I hope you are all fine right now. Hmmm, what can this post be about?

Well, for those whose first language isn’t English, we now have a special ‘Translate this Blogwidget in the sidebar, and you can conveniently translate this blog (currently in English) to almost any language of your choice. Just select the language from the drop-down list and you’ll be ready! This widget is powered by Google Translate, BTW.

And I probably won’t be able to post for some time, because I have personal reasons, like quarantine homework. So, I’ll try to post again as soon as I can. And stay safe, guys.

Happy translating!

~ Quick Fang

New Husky Pet in the Pet Barn!

Hello, Poptropicans! It’s just a normal day in Poptropica, despite the fact that it’s still snowing like crazy when it’s spring right now.

Oh, and that reminds me of one thing: Happy Earth Day, guys! Let’s use this day to spread awareness of climate change (yep, climate change is happening in Poptropica too, if you know what I mean) and save the Earth. And don’t forget the three Rs: Reuse, Reduce and Recycle!!!

And you might have noticed that this blog has renewed its theme. We have now gone from Dara to Penscratch 2! It’s a really neat theme, and I really like it.

Okay, let me go into the Pet Barn and get a new pet. Wait, what’s that next to Snowball? (If you have no clue who that is, Snowball is my pet on Poptropica who has white fur and wears a red scarf.)

Well, it seems to be the new husky pet the Poptropica Creators mentioned in their post. Well, the new pet does seem like a great pet to buy. A husky is a type of dog they use to pull sleds in cold areas. Hmm, the puppy and the husky do have the same color at default. Well, it’s really cute, and we can probably hope for more pets in the future. 🐾

And there’s a downside to it: the husky is members-only, like the majority of the other pets. Currently, the only pets available to non-members are the puppy and the kitten.

Is it just me, or the husky pet looks a lot like the kitten and puppy (use Snowball and the puppies below as an example), with the same eyes, the same nose (the husky’s nose is upside down like a puppy). Not to mention that their posture looks the same. I guess all pets do look alike in some ways.

I wish I still had membership, cause I really want that husky. So listen up members, make use of your membership and get a husky pet right now!

State your opinions in the comments section down below, and stay tuned!

~ Quick Fang

Guess what? My Poptropican has no mouth!

Hey everyone! Before I begin this post I really wanna thank you all for the following things:

  • 3,000 views (hits)
  • 25 followers (currently 26)

So, a big thanks goes to everyone who has stuck with the blog, whether it was from the start or not. It’s because of you that this blog has now got 3 thousand hits and 25 followers, and that’s pretty great.

Moving on to the post, you might have noticed to title. You might be wondering, “What the heck are you talking about!?”. You might be also wondering how it’s even possible.

However, this is not a prank. It’s actually real. So, if you don’t believe me, check out the screenshot evidence right below:

It must also be noted that this glitch only appears when we move to the far right of Home Island like in the screenshot shown above. When you go to back to your left after that, your mouth will reappear again. It’s a really cool glitch, right?

This glitch works when you log in to your account and play the Flash Player version, normal Poptropica. I wonder if this also works with the JavaScript HAXE version of Poptropica, or when you create a new character. If you don’t understand what I mean, check out our previous post which will explain everything that’s going on with Poptropica right now.

OK, let me check if the new Poptropica also has that same glitch. Nope! New Poptropica doesn’t have the same glitch.

I had to take a screenshot this way or you can’t see my Poptropican’s head. New Poptropica works weirdly for me.

Even when I jumped to my right again, my mouth did not disappear. If this glitch works for you on the new Poptropica, tell us in the comments below. And I’m not sure if this glitch works for everybody, so if you are experiencing this glitch on the old Poptropica, comment in the comments section below as well.

What are your opinions on this? Share them with us in the comments section below. Stay tuned for more posts on the Poptropica Fun Blog!

~ Quick Fang

Making Animations for Community Creations!

Hey everyone! You must have heard of this month’s PHB Community Creations. This time, I decided to create animations instead of the art that I usually create. The theme for this month was Stay Home. So, I created these:

Title: Poptropica Horror Animation

Title: Staying Home!

These were my first animations, and I agree that they weren’t the best. However, I’m happy that I created a decent animation that could fit in with this month’s theme!

The first animation shows a Poptropican waving, but through the wave, you can see his body vanishing with only his eyes left, which now glow red. This was the first one I’ve created, and I thought it looked pretty good, so why not submit it?

The second one, however, took a bit more work to complete. It consists of about 13 frames, while the other one only had 4. It shows a Poptropican who is trying to leave his house but then, guess who appears. Yeah, the deadly virus appears (a reference to COVID-19), and the Poptropican retreats back to his house. So stay safe, everyone! 🏠

I created this on FlipaClip (you can download it here for Android and here for iOS). It’s a pretty cool drawing app that allows you to animate your drawings! All you have to do is create a some drawings that look similar, but add a bit difference to the part where you want it animated. Once it is done, FlipaClip will put all the frames together, and you’ve made an animation! It’s a really great app, and if you’re interested in making your drawings move, this is the app for you!

So, what do you think? Suggestions and opinions are welcome in the comments section below. Stay tuned, and keep POPping on!

~ Quick Fang

Brand new gameplay features right ahead with new April store updates!

Hey everyone, this is Quick Fang right here with some amazing news that might cause you intense excitement for what’s truly ahead.

Before that, if you haven’t already, go check out our previous post titled The End of Flash: What’s Poptropica’s Fate? to get more details on what’s actually happening. Without further ado, let’s get right onto the post.

It all started when I was playing the online version of Poptropica on my phone. Yup, you read that right. On my PHONE. Before y’all crowd me with questions like, “How is that even possible?!?”, get it straight that it can be done. However, even if it may lag a bit, you can still enjoy a Poptropica adventure.

I’m not giving up that secret that easily though. However, if you really want to learn how to play the real Poptropica on your phone (especially if it is Android), I’ll give you all a challenge. If this post gets 10 likes, I’ll reveal the secret method of online Poptropica playing on your phone in an upcoming post.

Okay, enough with that. When I started to play, I came across this thing:

Unlike the the ‘Create a New Character’ platform we all know, this ‘Pick a Character’ platform allows you to pick a character that has already been given a particular outfit, and you cannot choose your name, unlike the ‘Create a Character’ station that we’ve all known. You can probably customize your outfit again at the ‘New You’ store.

So I picked a Poptropican, and went ahead:

This seems to be the scenery and background of the Fall update in 2019, as you can see. And the speech bubbles offer new conversations: “Customize how I look!”, “Start my adventure!”, which I think isn’t that new, and finally, “Adopt a pet!”.

As I thought before, we can customize our look. And moving on the the next screenshot:

The Creators have, unfortunately, removed the Friends’ page icon, which may suggest there may not be such a page in the future, or they may be renewing it. However, as of now, we can get friends by going into the Blast-Off Arcade and meeting new players and sending friend requests to them. Other than that, I think you can’t add friends at all, which is very sad.

But on the bright side, just look at this: we no longer need to be near our clubhouse to enter it, we can just teleport there using the ‘Clubhouse’ icon!

But non-members can’t save their clubhouses (correct me if I’m wrong) and when they try to save, a pop-up pops up with the words “Error: Not Member” or something like that. So that’s a bit unfair to non-members because if they don’t have a saved clubhouse, they can’t teleport there using the ‘Clubhouse’ icon.

Next, I went onto the Poptropica Map. As I flipped through the island pages, there was one page that caught my attention. Here it is:

Just look at that! Less than a half of the page has like, um, switched colours with the other side. The black-golden colour indicates that work is in progress, and that it will soon be complete. Hopefully.

And you can see the icon of Escape from Pelican Rock Island marked as “coming soon, which suggests that it might me the next island to be released on the new Poptropica. As of now, this new updated Poptropica only contains 6 islands. The pics which I showed you guys was what you’ll get when you attempt to create a new Poptropican. But if you log in with an existing Poptropica account, you won’t find these changes, just a normal Poptropica gameplay!

(And apparently, this particular page of islands (containing the icon of Escape from Pelican Rock Island) was named ‘Adventures of Deception’).

The work of the new gameplay is in progress, I guess. So, let’s wait and see what Poptropica gives to its players in the future.

Update: Instead of the question “Having trouble with Flash Player?”, it has changed to just “Having trouble?”. The reason behind this change may be due to Poptropica changing formats, I guess. Here’s a screenshot:

Here’s how it looked before:

And here’s a screenshot of how the new page looks like:

The old page helped you to turn on Flash Player in your computer if it had stopped working. However, this new page tells you what to do if Poptropica doesn’t run smoothly in your computer. The new Poptropica Testing Wizard checks your computer to test if it meets all the necessary requirements to run Poptropica.

Apparently, it checks 3 things: Browser Support, Memory (RAM), and Graphics. And you can test each particular requirement by clicking the button below each one of them. According to the page, for Poptropica to work smoothly, your computer requires at least 2 GB RAM and 512 MB Video Memory installed and WEBGL 2 technology enabled.

When you play the game, a different URL shows up: https://www.poptropica.com/haxe/master-minified-200409-1512/, possibly referring to JavaScript HAXE.

Speaking of other news, April’s Store updates have arrived in the Poptropica Store! Check them out!

  • Poptropolis 2013 Wrestling Gear– Girls (members-only)
  • Poptropolis 2013 Wrestling Gear– Boys (members-only)
  • Prom King
  • Prom Queen
  • Chick Follower
  • Mocktropica Island Narf Follower
  • Mini Astroknight (members-only)
  • Great Pumpkin Island Woodstock
  • Silly Streams (members-only)
  • Egg Launcher
  • Sneezing Powder

Me: There are many in-teresting items in here. I find the Prom Queen costume pretty, and I want to buy it.

Also Me: *checks the amount of Credits I have*. Well, I can afford it, but I want the Egg Launcher and a bunch of other items too! *Poor me is then forced to choose which one to buy first*.

So, if you have like thousands of Poptropica Credits and have nothing to do with them, I suggest buying a couple of Store items you like.

Well, did you like the new gameplay features Poptropica is going to take on? What about this month’s Store updates? Tell us in the comments section below. See you soon!

~ Quick Fang

The End of Flash: What’s Poptropica’s Fate?

Hey Poptropicans! From the title, you might have guessed that I’m going to talk about Poptropica and the Flash-less situation it is in.

You see, I was scrolling through the game’s homepage, when I decided to check out the Island Tours section, which is sort of like a guide for the existing islands of Poptropica. That is when I saw THIS:

You can check the page out right here if you want. And there’s more:

Yes, we have heard of the original Poptropica Islands, the long lost island, the islands of the yore (even though I don’t know what the meaning of that word is).

And yes, I can understand. Imagine creating a game with lots of fans (although I must admit there may not be as many players as in the past years currently), and creating a ton of islands for that game, and then removing most of them. And then imagine the disappointment of the players for removing all those islands.

But still, there may be hope left. Read again, it says, “The Poptropica Creators are still hard at work bringing back all your favourite islands, plus some new ones too! Stay tuned as islands are brought back to Poptropica!”.

So, I guess it means all the islands. Plus some new ones. Even though it might take a lot of time. How cool is that?!? Oh, and did I mention that we haven’t had a decent one in ages?

I’d actually like to see some islands with a great storyline like Ghost Story Island and others. Can’t wait to see those new islands!

It says they are transitioning the technology of the game from Flash to a new platform. Get ready, as Poptropica may be about to make a giant comeback.

I’m not very familiar with technology and Poptropica terms, as I’ve only been with the Poptropica community for a year now, and I joined in late 2018. But I guess we can bid Flash goodbye, and we can now hope for a brighter future for Poptropica.

So that’s it, guys. What do you think about this? Tell us in the comments section below. Stay tuned for more posts!

~ Quick Fang

Feeling sick? Barf glitter!

Hey everyone! After a month of inactivity, the Creators have finally posted on their blog. Check it out here!

What’s more, the Creators have finally took to posting on their YouTube channel again– after two years! You might be asking right now, “What are you talking about?!?”. It’s the great, the magnificent, the wonderful glitter barf!!! Be sure to check it out!

It’s the prize from the Troll’s World Tour, as mentioned on the Creators’ Blog. Sounds like a movie to me. Well, I couldn’t play it or even see it. Or you can check out the video from Poptropica right here:

It’s great to see the Creators posting on YouTube after a long time. And yeah, back to the glittery barf– I really like how it seems as if it was an actual rainbow the Poptropican was throwing up. Overall, I’d say it’s great. For anyone wishing they’d vomit rainbow glitter, this is a dream come true.

The Creators also posted this video on their blog:

During quarantine, you could play Timmy Failure Island and meet a crazy set of characters on Poptropica, according to the Creators’ Blog. Stay tuned to the Creators’ Blog for some helpful hacks to help you solve this island which only smart detectives can finish. Happy adventuring!

What do you think? Did you like the rainbow glitter barf prize? Are you gonna try and finish Timmy Failure Island anytime soon? Spill it all in the comments section below. See you all later!

~ Quick Fang

Pop-3: Frustrating Moments In Poptropica

Hey there, Poptropicans! I’m here with a Pop-3 post where I’ll be bringing light to some of the frustrating problems that Poptropicans face.

Maybe things didn’t exactly work out as planned, like you struggling to complete that super-hard island, but forgetting to save your newly created Poptropican. So, here are the top frustrating three.

3. Poptropica doesn’t load for some reason

I’m pretty sure some unfortunate Poptropicans had to face this problem. Maybe you were setting out with high hopes of earning another island medallion. But the login screen takes too much time to load. And you decide to wait.

It still doesn’t load. And after that, you give up your dreams of finishing that island and earning another golden medallion. Sounds familiar? You’re not alone.

2. You can’t finish an island because of a glitch

Trust me, I’ve been there. Even though I had finished Astro-Knights Island (back before the great island-purge), I was determined to give it another go because even though some parts of the island were really hard (like the fight with the Mother Phoenix), it was really fun.

I played the island till the part where you feed the robotic mouse to Merlin (Binary Bard’s owl), and for some reason Merlin wouldn’t eat that thing. This happened even though I repeated the island several times. And I also experienced a similar issue on Lunar Colony Island.

This is actually really frustrating, for the really lucky Poptropicans who don’t understand it. But those adventures are gone from the Poptropica map now. RIP, Old School Islands.

1. You forget to save your progress

Imagine this, okay. You create an awesome new character and spend like two hours on finding the perfect outfit. You hop into the blimp, go to an island and finishes it. Then, you close the tab, hoping to finish a couple more ones tomorrow.

But the next day, when you go on Poptropica, you realize you’ve made a terrible mistake: you have forgotten to save your Poptropican from the endless world where neglected and forgotten Poptropicans live.

This mostly happens with players who are not aware of the ‛save’ feature (like me when I first started playing Poptropica). But it still happens, I guess.

So that’s it, everyone. What is your most frustrating moment in Poptropica? Feel fun to share them in the comments below. Stay tuned, and as always, POP on!

~ Quick Fang

*Stay safe, everyone. Wash your hands and protect yourself from COVID-19.

New Blog Updates for 2020

Hello, Poptropicans! Yeah, as I told you in the last post, I was planning blog updates. If you explore the blog, you can see some changes. Here they are:

  • New Header ~ Made by Slanted Fish (thanks, Fishy!)
  • Comments Criteria page ~ To prevent unnecessary comments.
  • New Site Security included in the Sidebar ~ To protect the site from plagiarism and spam comments.
  • More fun posts to come ~ That means more Pop-5 posts, PopTheory posts, and maybe a Costumes post, etc. Tell us what kind of posts you would like to see in the comments section below.

Hope you like these updates, and see you all soon!

~ Quick Fang