Looking into hiring new authors. 😉

Yes, as this headline says it all, I am looking into hiring new authors. It’s been hard writing for two blogs, this blog and Magic Heart’s Poptropica Blog. So I would like to invite an author to help me with the work on this blog.

As I am currently writing the island guides, authors would get to help me more with the content than others in the community.

But still, anyone is welcome to help me by providing specific pics of any steps or just some interesting trivia or anything else related to the island. Yeah, there will be future authorship opportunities too. So, be sure to keep the spirit going!


Just post in the comments below mentioning that you are applying for authorship. Also, be sure to include your WordPress username. This is used to invite you to become an author if you are selected.

Be sure to include a short note ( not that short ) on why you want to be an author on this blog and stuff like that ( like real-life applications ). Here are some ideas on which you can write.

  • Your blogging experience or career ( if any ).
  • On why you want to be an author on this blog.
  • Are you active in the community?
  • More about your Poptropican.

I will select the lucky author by judging the way he/she has written the application. If I do like it, I will post his/her application note on the blog. And sure enough, the lucky Poptropican will receive the title of ‘ First Invited Author on the QFPB ‘.

I will be starting a new series consisting of the winning applications called Author-Stories. I don’t know if people actually will read this, but it’s worth a shot. So, get posting! The last day for submission is March 20, 2019.

I would like to mention one more thing : if anyone could suggest a better name for this blog or create some heading graphics, they’re welcome.

And as always, keep POPping on!

– Quick Fang 🐦

5 thoughts on “Looking into hiring new authors. 😉”

  1. I couldn’t post the Twisted Thicket Guide today because there was an error, and the whole draft ( and my hard work ) was deleted. It may take a few days to release it. I’m sorry.


    Wordpress name: redtomatogaming
    Poptropican Name: Red Tomato
    My blogging experience: I had my old extinct blog the splat, and now I have my Red Tomato Poptropica Blog. I have done 2 guest posts on the PHB My username on poptropica is lalala14269.

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