Gotten a new map? A new cool update is here!

Hey everyone! You must have noticed that the usual Poptropica map has spiced up a bit. Islands with episodes split up and have formed their own category. For example, the category for Arabian Nights Island is called ” Adventures of Nights “. Pretty cool, right?

The categories are ( this is in order ) : The Adventures Begin, Adventures of Time, Adventures of Atlantis, Adventures of Destiny, Adventures of Survival, Adventures of the Mighty, Adventures of Heroes, Adventures of the Strange, Adventures of Nights, and the rest are Old School Islands. Most of these categories actually resemble their islands, so it’s kind of fun.

Now, this feature, needless to say, has its own pros and cons. Since there are many parts you have to go shuffling through to get to a specific island, it’s kinda getting hard. But other than that, this feature’s awesome.

One thing I’ve noticed is that, most of the epic islands are categorized ” Old School “. Most of the islands, in fact.

We’ll have more fun posts in the not-too-distant future. And remember to stay POPping on!

~ Quick Fang

8 thoughts on “Gotten a new map? A new cool update is here!

  1. I’m thinking that Those islands are called โ€œold schoolโ€ because they arenโ€™t SUIs (Sound Updated Islands) I think I like the new update

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