A guide to clubhousing: Creators’ Blog

Hey Poptropicans! Welcome back to another post. The Creators’ have posted a guide on how to create a good clubhouse interior design. Check it out below!

We’re all interior designers at heart, right? Maybe?

Well if you aren’t one now, get ready to become one, because today is all about CLUBHOUSES! Jump on the platform right next to your blimp on Home Island to access this super special room that’s all your own! Your Friends can even visit by checking your Profile page!

Clubhouses are like their own special common rooms. You can chat and emote and jump around… And also make them look however you want! The first step is to pick the starting room you want by pulling the red lever. Then, there’s a special Store JUST for clubhouse items, and free players have a huge (and growing!) list of options when it comes to deciding how to deck out their space!



There are even more non-member goodies where ^that^ came from! Once you’ve
spent some credits, pop open Decorate Mode to place your new stuff around your
clubhouse! Decorating is as easy as dragging and dropping your knick knacks into
place along the wall, and BOOM! You’ve got a classy (or not so classy. We can’t all be
Sir Steve.) common room of your own! What are you waiting for??
Let’s put that guide into good use and create a good clubhouse design, if we haven’t already.

There’s an ad for The Casagrandes, from the world of The Loud House, on Nickelodeon. You can watch the video, but you don’t really get anything, as in my case.
Screenshot (294)
You must have noticed me wearing a Halloween costume. Yup, I’m entering in the PHB’s Halloween costume contest.
Friends, if you’re entering as well, here are a few tips for the contest that I would like to share:
  • Go on over to PoptropiCon Island: It’s basically a wonderland of costumes over there. You might find something useful in there.
  • Use the teleporter link made by idk the glitcher: Go on over to the old islands using this link.
  • Look in the Store

See ya later, Poptropicans!

~ Quick Fang

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